About Me
(in a nutshell)

Programmer, philosopher, artist, investor and manufacturer. I care about making technology work for people, not the other way around. Interested in the intersection of technology, industrials and philosophy. My most recent experience has been as an engineer at a satellite startup, enabling large scale data transfer at mobile cell phone rates. Interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning and neurobiology; avid reader, cyclist and runner.

Recent Projects

Some of the things I've built

  • Crowded

    App that crowd sources data you can't find on Yelp to help customers make better decisions on where to go for coffee

    Live SiteGithub
  • Pxl8

    Web app that uses image recognition to determine food ingredients from user submitted photos in order to generate recipes

    Live SiteGithub
  • Click Released

    Site to help users escape from click bait by detemining bias of a url that a user submits (using IBM Watson AI)

    Live SiteGithub


Dabblings in computer graphics, photography and painting

Computer Graphics
Open GL & CL, C++

Experimentations with math, physics, visual representation and neural networks; attempts at hard coding the details of what photography and painting can abstract

Canon 7d, Main Weapon

Playing around with perspective and memory, photography is my go-to for exploring the city I live in and the relationships I've formed

Oil and Acrylic, offline

I used to think that oil painting was the only true artistic medium. I'm less of a purist now, but I still enjoy putting the brush to canvas and seeing what comes out.

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